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In November 2015, I started receiving promptings that I should compile my posts into book form. The promptings persisted until they were so clear in my mind, that by January 2016, I knew what the book would look like even before I started producing it.

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So in February 2014, the 4th birthday of this blog, I'd like to announce:

All blog posts from February, 2012 through January, 2016 have been compiled into an eBook, entitled "The Perfect Day". 

The content is organized chronologically by post date, with a table of contents in the front and a very rudimentary index in the back. Note that this isn't professionally typeset, edited, etc. It's the straight stuff, compiled and indexed in eBook format.

Click here to download the PDF (3.68MB)

Click here to download the EPUB (Adobe Digital Editions, Apple iBooks; 1.7MB)

Click here to download the MOBI (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks; 2.1MB)

Click here to download the PRC (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks; 2.1MB)

What About The Perfect Day -- The (bound) Book?

Now that the eBook versions are up, I'll start efforts to have the book published in hard copy. No, I don't have a deadline and no, I don't know how much it will cost. All I know is, whatever the price will be, I'd like it to be priced at the publisher's cost, because I don't want to make any money from it.

I'll post updates, when they're available, on this blog. If you'd like to be notified of updates to this blog, just enter your email address and hit the submit button under the "Have Posts Sent to Your Email" section to the right.

(Note: the image of the book is a mock-up, and not an actual book).


You may copy, transmit and use any content posted or published by The Perfect Day for private (that is, non-public), non-commercial purposes, or for personal research, church talks or lessons. Excerpts of (not entire) posts may be copied onto websites, blogs or other online social media with linked attribution to The Perfect Day blog. Otherwise, please ask for permission first.


  1. On page 122 under blogpost #3. Drop your stones, the video link is missing. Is there a way I can get that from you?


    2. This is marvelous!! Like being handed the sealed plates! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS INCREDIBLE WORK!! I will study it like I do the scriptures. Please know you are changing lives with every blog you post. (virtual hug!!)Thank you again and again!


  2. `This is GOLD! But it is now July of 2020. Do you have an updated version going forward? There have been ALOT of posts since this book was first created. I would LOVE to have ALL your articles! Thanks for all your insight, inspiration, dedication and example. This means alot to me.

    1. Thanks Kat! There are some plans, but we need to get past a few more blog posts first. I'll definitely keep the blog, podcast and especially the Facebook group apprised. Thanks again!