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Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Manifestation of a Not-So-Anonymous God

Check out Diane Cohen's testimony (below) from 1:04 to 4:40. Cool!

I love to hear these more-than-coincidental coincidences.

Recently, I felt inspired to write about a certain topic (Love and Obedience):
  • On Sunday, May 3, I wrote and saved (but didn't publish) the blog post -- a fact I had disclosed to no one at the time. 
  • On Tuesday, May 5, another blogger (whom I don't personally know) posted some observations on his blog which were pretty congruent with mine. 
  • On Wednesday, May 6, my post was published. Afterwards, I found out that the wife of a close friend had been inspired with the same thoughts just a day before both of the afore-mentioned blog posts were published. By the way, she isn't a blog reader, so she would not have known what was about to be published on these two blogs.
I really think that God delights in sometimes manifesting Himself in not-so anonymous ways.

By the way, is a new website that highlights video testimonies of Jewish professionals who met their Messiah.

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