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Post DateTitle
2019-05-19 The Gift of Charity, Part 4: Karma and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
2019-04-28 The Gift of Charity, Part 3: Are You Guilty of Idolatry (And Don't Even Know It)?
2019-03-17 The Gift of Charity, Part 2: Is God's Anger Kindled Against You?
2019-02-10 The Gift of Charity, Part 1: Protecting One Another's Honor
2018-12-23 The Gift of Discernment Part 10: Put Away ALL Your Traditions
2018-10-21 The Gift of Discernment Part 9: Why Your Judgmentalism Blocks You from Discerning God and His Voice
2018-08-12 The Gift of Discernment Part 8: Undistracted
2018-07-15 Commanded Blessings
2018-07-01 The Fallacy of “God Will Never Test You Beyond Your Known Limits”
2018-06-03 Beautifully Misaligned
2018-04-22 The Gift of Discernment Part 7: Discerning Self-Centered Spirituality
2018-03-29 A Different Kind of Easter Message
2018-02-17 The Gift of Discernment Part 6: Internal Discernment
2018-01-14 Hope for the Spiritually Blinded
2017-12-10 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: The Perfect Day and John Pontius Facebook Group
2017-12-17 A Christmas Present and a Potential New Years Resolution for You
2017-12-10 The Gift of Discernment Part 5: Discerning the Half-Truths of Which We Proudly (and Regularly and Publicly) Testify
2017-11-25 The Gift of Discernment Part 4: The Universal Law of Opposites
2017-10-31 The Gift of Discernment Part 3: Seek and Receive the Gift of Discernment
2017-10-15 The Gift of Discernment Part 2: The Gift of Discernment 101
2017-09-24 The Gift of Discernment Part 1: Are You Sure You're Truly Aligned With Christ?
2017-09-10 Lectures on Faith 7: "By Their Fruits"
2017-09-03 FEARLESS
2017-08-28 Lectures on Faith 6: A Sacrifice That Means Something
2017-08-20 Rend the Veil of Unbelief, Part 5: Hearing Him
2017-08-13 Rend the Veil of Unbelief, Part 4: Visualize Him
2017-08-08 Rend the Veil of Unbelief, Part 3: They Conversed with the Lord
2017-07-30 Rend the Veil of Unbelief, Part 2: The Power of Visualization in Parting the Veil
2017-07-23 Rend the Veil of Unbelief, Part 1: Why Your Efforts to Part the Veil May Be Failing
2017-06-18 Lectures on Faith 5: The Prodigal Mormon
2017-04-30 The Best Books
2017-04-05 The Background Behind "The Parable of the Advanced Placement Student"
2017-03-29 Do You Have Spiritual AIDS? Part 2 of 2: Rise Above the Selfishness of Seeking the Second Comforter
2017-03-15 Do You Have Spiritual AIDS? Part 1 of 2: Daily Spiritual Experiences
2017-01-29 False Prophecy 101
2017-01-11 Lectures on Faith 4, Part 4: The Hidden Spiritual Development Strategy Embedded in Lecture on Faith 4
2016-12-22 Four Gifts From Father to You...And One Gift From You to Father
2016-12-11 Lectures on Faith 4, Part 3: The Proto-Zions Among Us...Where We Least Expect Them
2016-11-20 Lectures on Faith 4, Part 2: Why you may not be going to Zion


  1. Loved the post. The Lord instructed the early saints in D&C 105 as to why Zion was not redeemed, with some more information from D&C 103 as well. Great Work with "The Perfect Day" --

  2. Thank you my dear anonymous friend!!

  3. Thank you. I've been dismayed at my fellow Latter day saints regarding politics and our freedoms. Its too long to get into but I became actively involved when the bank bailout occurred and woke up to our aweful situation, to only discover the level of corruption that permeates the political rhealm, not only in Washington but to my dismay every level within the state of Utah. Like you said too many saints lift up fellow latter day saint leaders and politicians to idol status wanting to preserve their standard of living 1st with constitutional principals being inconveniences. My husband and I have had callings for over 8 years in ward and stake for preparedness and have been utterly frustrated at the lack of interest and support. We decided our best efforts were to focus on our own preparedness and wait for the leadership to direct us when they felt moved upon. Your lectures have helped me refocus on helping people spiritually and prepare myself to be a vessel for God to do his work. Like I was on my mission many years ago. I'm not originally from Utah and am a convert, I've lamented the individualism of the members where I live, its not the community of Enoch. Zion we are not. I've discovered who the meek and the humble are and tend towards them. I will be listening to your lectures over and over for they are deep with wisdom. Wish you had more in podcast form.

    1. Michele,

      I couldn't sympathize with you more.

      We're not alone. Moroni and Isaiah saw our day. So did our brother, Joseph. Their words mirror yours. In some cases, they were sharper and more graphic.

      Thanks for the compliment re: the podcasts. For the longest time, I was deeply adverse to doing anything remotely like a podcast. The Lord truly deserves all the credit for them, and for using miraculous means He deployed to penetrate my stubbornness and foolishness.

      I'll podcast all future posts, as well as a few selected past posts.

  4. I haven't listened yet to the podcast but I am downloading them to my Ipod so that I can listen as I drive, clean, weed and do all activities that don't require my brain. What I want is Part1, on the Lectures on Faith. I had a book called Joseph Smith Lectures on Faith that I read many years ago and it was the beginning of my understanding the nature of God, that helped me to have a particle faith. I loaned it to someone and it never returned. I have come across other books titled Lectures on Faith but they seem to be filtered through the authors perspective. I don't know who wrote the one I read, I originally thought it was Joseph Smith but later realized it wasn't, it was by someone who had taken notes on lectures he had given so maybe it was Woodruff compiled by Talmage???? If you know of the book that I speak and who was the author I'll start my search to see if I can find it. I have been listening and studying with the Mike Stroud podcast and he strongly recommended your blog. Thank you for sharing your light, testimony, conversion.

  5. I LOVE the podcasts. So much to think about in each one. I listen to them again and again. I thank God that He influenced you to do these podcasts, Brother Perfect Day!

    One little thing..., some of the podcasts have a number in the title label that doesn't match the spoken number of the podcast. See at least Gift of Discernment Parts 7 and 8 (labeled). Not really important. Just thought you ought to know.