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Favorite Music 

There is tremendous power in music -- not only in its ability to heal mind, body and spirit, but as an extremely potent spiritual weapon. It's amazing what effect the right music, the right vibrational frequencies, can have in dispelling darkness from our homes and our souls. If you find yourself fighting Satan on a consistent basis, I recommend including music in your first-string arsenal of spiritual weapons. Click here for some past posts re: the power of music (once there, click "Music" from the left-hand sidebar).

Click here to be taken to my Favorite Music YouTube channel. It's filled with a variety of songs which will brighten your day, help your soul soar, and maybe feel Him just a little bit more. If you'd rather not, then the playlist is embedded below.


 Inspirational Videos 

Below is a collection of YouTubes I've found that are inspirational to me. Common denominator: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Here's the link to this channel.


 Insightful Videos 

Unlike the inspirational videos, these are insightful, providing you with perspectives and facts which will get you thinking...and perhaps growing closer to God. Channel link is here.


 John Eldredge: Beautiful Outlaw 

Out of everything I have ever read, the one resource I'd recommend buying that effectively addresses Christ's personality is John Eldredge's book (or watch his Youtubes of) "Beautiful Outlaw". Here's the direct link, and here's a link to the videos, in order.

(Note: In Chapter 1, Eldredge disparages organized religion. I disagree with him on that point. All throughout the New Testament, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord has endorsed organized religion. As long as the Lord does, I do, too. There's not an author around who's gotten everything 100% correct. Still, let's not lose sight of what Eldredge is trying to get across regarding the importance of developing a one-on-one relationship with the Savior, and not letting anything -- or anyone -- come between you and Jesus).


One consistent problem in visual media portraying Jesus: they re-enact him not as the light and life of the world, but aloof, passive, subdued, always serious and sometimes even effeminate.

Look -- Jesus loves life and loves people. I have no doubt that He loves to laugh and cry with us. And He's anything but effeminate.

In my opinion, the scenes below come close to the real Jesus. Many of them come from two productions "Jesus: The Miniseries" and the movie "Son of God" (kind of viewable in its entirety here). The direct link to this channel is here.


 Your Homework Assignment 

Do you know of any videos or songs which are inspiring or enlightening?

I'm seeking after these things to add to the pages above. Feel free to email me here (or anonymously using my super-secret anonymous comment form). I can't promise I'll add it to the list, but I can promise I'll consider every recommendation which comes my way.

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