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  1. Thank you x/a million for this whole site/work, for being willing to share with all of us who are stumbling along this rocky road toward the Tree of Life. It's so hard to see all the markings and signs at times because of the mists and the distractions of this dark world. This site with all of it's different topics brings all into clear focus and gives perspective where there was fog. I have prayed and hungered for this knowledge for many,many years. I believe God led me to this in direct anwer to my most recent prayers(how to have my calling and election realized). I wish it wasn't so hard to find, or shall I say, I wish people could share more easily or freely so that the rest of us could learn and be blessed by the experiences of others, just like we learn from the sacred experiences of people in the scriptures. I am greatly blessed by your sharing and teaching. Thank you.