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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fear activates the enemy, but faith activates God

Thursday night, right after I finished my evening prayers, I was given a premonition of sorts regarding something that would happen the next day (Friday). 

The vague information regarding this "situation" (which indeed came to pass the next morning, with far more clarity and confirmation) left me fearful, weak and anxiety-filled.  I felt something bad would happen to me personally, although I had been assured that that wasn't the case.

Just then, an image appeared in my mind of a special drinking glass in our kitchen cupboard.  Now, this glass -- which has "Milk for Santa" written on it -- has been part of a family tradition for about 17-18 years.  Every Christmas Eve, we set that glass out in our front room, full of milk.

But in the scene that came to my mind, the glass was broken in pieces.  I was sad, a little heartbroken, that this part of family tradition was now garbage.

Just then, the words came to my mind, "Go!  Go ahead and open up the kitchen cabinet, and see if the glass is there!"  Of course, I didn't.  I knew it was still there.  I knew it.

"That's just the thing with fear," the Lord said.  "Your fear is often founded in things that just aren't realistic!  Fear activates the enemy, but faith activates God." 

Think about it, especially in light of what my blog has been discussing lately.  Imagine all the things we do -- or are done to others -- which are all based on one four-letter word:


Interesting, isn't it?

With that, we continue our discussion regarding visualization...