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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Fascinating Postscript to a Previous Post

You'll want to read this.

I wrote my Thursday, June 6, 2013 post ("D&C 93:1 [Cometh Unto Me, Part 3] -- Today...You Will Hear God") a few weeks before it was posted.  The day before -- on Wednesday, June 5th -- I took one last look at the post before it went out.

It seemed incomplete.  It wasn't starting off right.

I felt drawn to research the composers I listed in the bullet points.  I read a bit about them, and noted their birth and death dates.  Soon, it became apparent to me that the works of these great composers roughly coincided with the works of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Hence, I wrote a new section on that blog ("The Other Restoration You've Probably Never Heard Of").

After I posted that entry to this blog, I received an email from a friend, Yvonne, who referred me to an Ensign Magazine article.  It tells the story of Albert Roustit, a musicology student in France, who discovered the Restoration of the Gospel through the study of music theory.  He went on to write a remarkable book called Prophecy in MusicHere is a link to the Ensign Magazine article written by John Green in 1974 about Roustit and his research, and here is a link to Roustit's book.

The interesting thing is, I never knew about Roustit -- and his discovery of the Restoration through researching music history -- until after I had posted my thoughts about it above.

I do love a good confirmation.

"A man can get nearer to God by music than any other method except prayer." (Pres. J. Reuben Clark)

Amen, Pres. Clark.  Amen.

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  1. I thought of this book during your last posts. I am pleased to see it referenced here. Thank you.