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Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspired Music as a *Powerful* Spiritual Weapon -- A Testimony

In my post here, we saw how inspired music can be a powerful spiritual weapon in casting out evil and helping us feel the spirit. 

Below is a comment I received from an anonymous reader of this blog.  It's a fantastic confirmation of this concept.

I invite you to read it, and to remember that when all else fails, sometimes God's vibrations can fight your battles in ways nothing -- and no one -- else can...

From "Anonymous"

I am going to post anonymously today...usually I post with my name. But I just wanted to confirm to you the timeliness of the Lord in when you posted what you posted.

I have always loved inspiring music, but tend to appreciate silence more over the years due to having so many children and just appreciating the sound of silence (many mothers know what I mean).

Over the years, I have almost come to exclude music (outside of piano lessons being practiced) from my life, not intentionally, but just not thinking about actively going and putting on some inspiring and uplifting sounds because I am sooo busy and don't have a handy sound system, crave the quiet, etc., etc.

Jump to the present day....

Things climaxed in the last few days with two of my married and one teenager. These were VERY VERY serious matters that were putting me through what I would described as my greatest tests yet in this life.

To make a long story short, last night [June 10] was the worst of the worst, and I determined to fast today [June 11]. Before bed, I decided to look at your blog and saw that I hadn't read your June 9th post yet.  I read it, and determined to make sacred music a part of my day today while I fasted for these two children.

I chose to listen to Dallyn Vail Bayles (I think that's the spelling) CD entitled "Prayer". I listened to it all day at home, and in the car as I drove and hour and a half to visit a dying aunt. [NOTE: you can listen to a song from Dallyn's CD, "Better Than I", here.  For more information about Dallyn, go here].

I cannot describe to you the power of the spirit that I experienced today.  It was truly an inspired post at an inspired time.  The heart of my raging suicidal teen softened, evil was dispelled from my home, contention gone, patience and love flowed from me, I was inspired to write to my married child under the influence of the spirit, counsel that her heart received with thanksgiving and rejoicing instead of defensiveness and rejection.

I have received peace in turmoil that has been so deep, I have truly felt the spirit of the Lord in a profound way this day.  The tears of joy and love of the Lord have flowed continually this day...amazingly it has been tears of joy and peace amidst true turmoil.  It has been truly an unexplainable experience.

I thank you for taking your post on this scripture in a direction I had not even considered, and realize I have been neglecting this most powerful key to be used in my home.  Thank you so much.

Thank you, Anonymous, and God bless you for your wonderful testimony.

One of my favorite phrases is "Gloria in excelsis Deo" -- Latin for "Glory to God in the highest".  And so it is with the inspiration received for many blog posts. 

I look forward to hearing more from you, Anonymous, as you experience many more miracles in your life.

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  1. Music is a profound weapon; consequently what tune we sing is to be given by the Holy Spirit to fulfill what the Lord needs at any given time. God needed to show us that it is not in the tunes we get a kick out of the chance to hear and sing that we have triumph, yet in the otherworldly anointing of what He offers us to sing sometime or another. This is a piece of strolling as an inseparable unit with Him, not satisfying our own particular substance. It is for what He needs to achieve in us, another person, or a circumstance. Thank you!
    Meditation on Inner Celestial Light and Sound