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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inviting Him

Let's assume for a minute that you regularly say your prayers.

That's good!

Now, how often in your prayers do you actually, literally, invite the Lord or His angels into your home?

How inviting is your home to a visit by Him or one of His angels?

I'm not talking about the home or a room therein being immaculately cleaned and picked up. Accounts of the Lord's mortal life here are replete with examples of Him interacting with very unclean people (e.g., lepers) in very unclean areas (dirty, disease-ridden streets).

I believe the Lord is concerned less with the mess and more on the state of your heart. Are you judgmental or forgiving? Self-absorbed or charitable? Do you adhere to divine truths or the teachings of men mingled with scripture? The Lord certainly was a big believer in 1 Samuel 16:7!

Thus, as one social media participant put it this week,
"Jesus wants very much to interact with you, and will be as present and involved with your life, your family, and your home as you want Him to. 
He doesn't impose or come where He's not invited, nor does He dominate you with His infinitely superior knowledge. 
But if you'll have Him, He'll engage with you right where you are, today."
Don't fear him. Invite Him into your life in a far more meaningful way today! After all, He is called the great "I Am," not the great "I Will Someday" or the great "I'll Think About It."

You never know when he -- or one of his angels -- will take you up on your offer.
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (Hebrews 13:2)


  1. It is not necessary to always invite Christ, the Holy Ghost or Angels to visit us I know for a fact that many times angels come unannounced, being sent on an errand by Christ because of issues that are needed to help a loving soul that may be suffering. Also if someone has a special mission and because of sickness or something else threatens their life they will also come to save or make possible that mission. Lastly I know again from personal experience that when someone has prepared themselves, unaware, to do something that the Lord needs done, that angels can and will be sent to give them an assign to accomplish it. Thanks for taking the time to prepare you messages, they are appreciated and timely.

  2. LDSPD - I do not have any problems inviting per this post but cannot seem to understand how to talk to the Savior or even how to address Him.

    I can't get past "pray always to the Father in the name of the Son". Though I understand I am not "praying" to the Savior, that is what it seems like.

    I really enjoy your messages, thankful to have found your blog but feel a few light years (or a few million) away from being able to experience anything close to what you share here.

    1. You're probably further down the road than you give yourself credit for.

      The best thing to do is to keep turning to Christ -- not in books others have written, but the scriptures themselves. Years ago, I started listening to the scriptures right before I went to sleep. This freed me from focusing on reading black words on white paper, to actually visualizing the events portrayed in the scriptures. This then opened me up to being more receptive to similar experiences while I was asleep. So, don't just read about Him. Experience Him!

      Simultaneously, invite Him into your life, your home, your car while you're driving. Ask Him to make Himself more conspicuous to you. Ask Him to grow closer to you. With all that inviting, and all that experiencing, you'll gradually, yet perceptibly, sense you and He growing closer.

      Just as important: Don't defeat yourself by believing you're a few light years (or a few million) away from being able to experience anything close to what I share here. We create our own realities, so if you truly believe that, then that's how it's going to be. What did He say -- be not faithless, but believing -- or something like that? Believe not only that He'll grow closer to you, but He'll also do it with greater enthusiasm, in cooler ways, than you ever expected.

      That's because He's the God who is thrilled to exceed our expectations. If he can do so consistently in my life, then He'll certainly do so in your life, too.

      Anonymous, you'll be in my prayers tonight.

    2. Thank you very much for the enlightenment, kind words, & prayers.

  3. Love these thoughts and all your posts and how they help me to feel the Spirit and desire to seek Christ more personally and regularly in my life! It is a quest I have been on for many years now, and being guided to your blogs has helped significantly. Praise to the Lord for the many ways He works to bring us to Him!