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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Perfect Day eBook

Several months ago, I started receiving promptings that I should compile my posts into book form. The promptings persisted until they were so clear in my mind, that I knew what the book would look like even before I started producing it.

Download Your Free Copy Now!

So today, on this, the (roughly) 4th birthday of this blog, I'd like to announce:

All blog posts from February, 2012 through January, 2016 have been compiled into an eBook, entitled "The Perfect Day". 

The content is organized chronologically by post date, with a table of contents in the front and a very rudimentary index in the back. Note that this isn't professionally typeset, edited, etc. It's the straight stuff, compiled and indexed in eBook format.

Click here to download the PDF (3.68MB)

Click here to download the EPUB (Adobe Digital Editions, Apple iBooks; 1.7MB)

Click here to download the MOBI (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks; 2.1MB)

Click here to download the PRC (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks; 2.1MB)

What About The Perfect Day -- The (bound) Book?

Now that the eBook versions are up, I'll start efforts to have the book published in hard copy. No, I don't have a deadline and no, I don't know how much it will cost. All I know is, whatever the price will be, I'd like it to be priced at the publisher's cost, because I don't want to make any money from it.

I'll post updates, when they're available, on this blog. If you'd like to be notified of updates to this blog, just enter your email address and hit the submit button under the "Have Posts Sent to Your Email" section to the right.

(Note: the image of the book is a mock-up, and not an actual book).

What's Next For LDS Perfect Day?

Good question! Thanks for asking.

For about the last 2 1/2 years, this blog has placed a primary emphasis on examining D&C 93:1.

Although I'll continue to post content congruent with topics I've addressed in the past, I'll soon be announcing a very exciting, new direction this blog will be taking.

It's a direction that does not currently exist on the internet today, and will have features and discussions that exist nowhere -- not even in book form.

Consider it...a natural evolution of the discussion we've been having here so far.

So, strap in your seatbelt!

It's time to punch this into 2nd gear!


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  1. Are you kidding me? This is AMAZING!!!!! How did you do this and how long did it take you? WOW!!! Thank you, more than words can express, for putting in all this hard work and effort to make this available in such a great form(and to your family for supporting you)! Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights, promptings and inspiration so we can benefit from it also. Thank you for putting yourself out there so our lives can be blessed and the Lord can prompt us as we learn!! Can you tell I am VERY EXCITED about this? I am also looking forward to experiencing 2nd gear. I will say it again, WOW and THANK YOU!!!! My printer is going to be working on overtime--smile!!!

  2. This makes me so happy!! Thank you for your hard work in putting this together.

  3. I'm super excited to read it all chronologically!

  4. Amazing!! Thank you!! I will love studying from this!! Thank you for all your ponderings, studying, and sharing and for all the work you put into this!!

  5. Thank you so much! I will enjoy reading then all again! I am excited to see what the new topic of discussion will be.

  6. Beyond thrilled!!! No words can describe.

  7. YIKES!!!! It feels like Christmas morning...when I was a kid!!! SO HAPPY about this. THANK YOU!!

  8. Thank you very much. I recently discovered your blog and have been loving reading and marking up the pdf version of the book which I have printed out. I'm humbled and very grateful.