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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Heavenly Mother: The Exhibit

As I've been working on my "miniseries" on spiritual gifts, I wanted to let you know about a photographic exhibit that's been posted on another blog.

Anna Killian's blog page, "Her", is a very tasteful, inspiring glimpse into the most important woman in the universe: Heavenly Mother. 

The introductory graphic says, "To every human being who has ever wondered what their Heavenly Mother is like, or if She is even there. I know She is." By clicking that graphic, and subsequent ones, you're taken on a tour of Anna's online exhibit, which is composed of several images and personal testimonials that are very touching to me.

I join Anna in humbly declaring that I know She is.

Many years ago, I was privileged to give a priesthood blessing to Jolene, my best friend's girlfriend. In that blessing, Jolene was told that Heavenly Mother felt all of Jolene's pains, saw every break in Jolene's broken heart and heard every drop of Jolene's tears as they hit the floor. I lost touch of Jolene, but I've always remembered the sweet, overwhelming love I felt from an invisible female presence who was near in that room that day.

Sometimes I imagine, in my mind's eye, what She sees as she looks at Her children on the earth. I sense Her tears. Sometimes, they're tears of sadness, as She contemplates the spiritual darkness which separates Her from Her children. Other times, I'm confident they're tears of happiness, as She witnesses a few of Her sons and daughters overcoming incredible odds on the Savior's path back to Her awaiting arms.

It's my hope that this online exhibit will touch you as well, regarding She who helps give light, life and love to us all.


  1. I appreciate this post. I was abused 3 ways, emotionally, physically, sexually. I had a very hard time accepting being female, because of constantly being a victim.

    I would pray to Heavenly Father and cry out to my Redeemer but my talks with Heavenly Mother, the Holy Matriarch, was helped me embrace being a female. To strive be like Her Son. Believing and cherishing in gratitude for not only Father's s sacrifice but Her sacrifice. How much love She has for all of us!

    Because of this I was able to strive to be a better wife,sister, mom, and daughter.

  2. Thank you for this. It helps me have a bigger perspective and understanding. This world is a mess and a blessing, i think I am glad Heavenly Mother is not revealed to this world , but that she can be revealed to us individually if we pay the requirements. I think about how the apostles of the Savior asked him " is it I?" After the Lord spoked that one of them would betray Him. I think with all the sins I have to deal with in this earth, the last thing I would like to have on me is to know that i have gone and desecrated my Heavenly Mother's name and/or image. I don't think that I would be able to overcome this if found guilty. But then again, "all things are posible to God" so who knows!, only Heavenly Father does, and so I trust in His hand.

    1. In a previous post, Perfect Day said: "Yet both Father and Jesus Christ are immeasurably meek (D&C 121:41). They will not ask to be part of your life, nor beckon for your attention. You must ask for it. And, true to their word, when you ask, they will respond, in their own ways and own times."

      And the Mother, even more so. Proverbs asks: "Who can find a virtuous (strong) woman?" She is there, but She is not put on display. You have to find her, and the way to do that is to first find Christ, who reveals the Father and the Mother. The veil imagery in this exhibit is beautiful and symbolic. I know She lives, and I know She knows each of us and takes an active interest in our lives. We must try to live up to the best that She sees in each of us. Even boys want and need their Mom's. Never disappoint her.

  3. The link provided is absolutely beautiful.